Dance of the Unidentified

By:  The Vampire Sweets


Not the average insolent
little boring sympathy beggar
Keep your expensive acceptance
I prefer my own
I can smoke my own ego in a pipe without having to taste yours.
The indecent part of me likes to battle it out
knowing only that nothing you say can
turn me over
or turn me out
the one thing I have over you is control
I roll on and you roll back
I took the trash to the corner and found
myself smiling in your puddle of drool...
so much panting for one little day...
all one way
all the same
all cuts down to one small thing...
attention gained the wrong way
stays the wrong way
and the faces people make at you
will keep you tanked and suspicious
and you never come around
never see that it's all you
all your misery is you
all your suicidal threats
all of your singing and dancing...
you are the only one who hears the music
but we all watch you dance
and it's all in your mind
because no one is watching you
and no one hears the music
it's blown your mind...
how best to keep friends...
how best to be
it's blown your mind that you can be anything but what you are....
take it with you...
pinch it all you want
I don't think you will wake up
I don't think you will ever be aware.
Hold's going to be years before you finish dying
but you started so long ago.
Such surrender
to the insignificant
such devotion to the world of superficiality
and false identity
and all for what?
to come across the way you never meant to.
who's that girl.
you don't even know yourself.