Day of Infamy

By:  The Vampire Sweets


Nature goes where
no one's been
The world will
roll and spin
time and peace become
and we keep going
as best we can
through the ashes
and debris
the world continues
stair case twists
round the different
turning corners
not knowing why
the world's scarred
and disfigured
and we see the faces
of carnage
all blue, and gray,
and smoldering.
Devouring insatiably
but we will
find peace
and set apart the good
from the evil.
The lust for destruction
will be quenched
Not by man, and his will.
Who are we...the arrogant few...
There are forces greater
than we
watching the world
spin, and turn
and twist
and writhe
hidden behind folds of
and rotting away ...
the pure will have their
The world will not end
and neither will we.
the cruelty it displays
is only a reminder
that nothing is a guarantee
except the lack of a guarantee
and maybe they are better off
those who have gone
maybe they are happier
maybe theirs is a privilege
to go from here.
And though they leave us behind
the legacy remains.
This day will live in infamy.
We will hear those words again
and again ... we will reach out
and we will embrace hope
one day not far from today
one day
not as infamous as today,
but one day.
for even though
infamy comes
not from the good
that happens to us
but from the violent
force of tragedy
which leaves its
indelible mark
upon our hearts,
even with those marks
we will endure.