Little Girl Fun

By:  The Vampire Sweets


Dirty fingernails
clawing at little girl-like resilience
There are no limitations
no rules
they can all be bent and broken
we can drive around in circles all night
listening to you bicker, and run your senseless banter all over your own
you lick your fingers as if it were tasteful to do what you did....savoring
your own unsavory words
tingling with excitement
as you open your bundles of attention
hoping for some reaction or another...
mostly just expecting something long enough to occupy your own greedy mind.
It's never enough.
you can ride alone.
Fuck alone
Duck alone
the possibilities are endless.
swing your attitude
take it around the block with you
no one will notice that you've gone.
come back when you are ready.
Call me snotty
and then drown in it for all I care...
green, filthy ooze to match your rotten insides...
here we go.
it's been set off...
Tacky tactless indiscretion peaked by your own neurotic little impulses.
Are we having fun yet?