The Man Who Silenced Me

By:  Demize


I  wait for nothing

 Only the expected

The destiny of everyone

Who walks on this earth

The road

That we will take

In our lives


There’s no turning back

No wishing

No warning

Only what you will see

And nobody will ever know


Your silence will be felt

And nobody will ever know


Just the man who silenced you

He will only know

You felt no pain

But you were silenced


You feel no tears

But see everyone else's

The man beside you

Just holds his hands

And apologizes


It’s my job

I come unexpectedly

Take you quietly

And nobody will ever know


He smiles and rides off

You know

That this man you will see

Again with the people

Who shed there tears

When u were silenced


And he will say

“nobody will ever know”