By:  Gisela


Cruel dissatisfaction

with the serenity surrounding me

with the complacency that has descended

encompassing all that is around me

blanketing everything in a shroud of peace

a facade that engenders ignorance

a robotic state where truth is fluid

where situations are black and white

where chains willingly bind


escape is narrow and hard

the road to be traveled is lonely and steep

what comfort you find shimmers and leaves


the hands wait gaping open

calling and calling to drag one down

down to dark, to chilling cold

so cold and still and white


always whiteness

always purity

cleansing! Cleansing!


dragging and dragging your spirit pulling and rending

the only response to shriek and fight and tear and rend the prison walls

walls that must not be allowed to slam shut

because the way out is narrow

so narrow and escape slim

so slim

and the chance small

so blood and sweat and tears must be shed

every day and every night

to stop the monsters down the hall

to keep sanity

serenity must be sacrificed