Cire Review


At first glimpse, Cire might seem like another children's artist, but take a closer look and what you will find are pieces reminiscent to A Nightmare Before Christmas yet with a morose touch.  His art, done in black and white and with great detail, covers a vast array of themes ranging from nazism (x played Hitler, and o played the Jew...) to pedophilia (daddy's secret zipper).  Some of his pieces, even though beautifully done, might seem somewhat disturbing as they portray this world's crude reality.
  About the site - A merchandise section is up for those die-hard fans willing to cash out some bucks to have their favorite work on a t-shirt, accessories, or even the latest book, fully autographed and in limited quantities also.  The site features links to other artist's sites. Among these you will find fetish photography, "baby art", you'll just have to see this on your own, dead artists, and previous artwork, just to name a few.
  Recommended for the gothic and/or open-minded.  Some examples are below.


Click here to see Cire's Site.