This is not the Demo cover.  Just a potential one.

Formaldehyde:  Aural Sex


Commence Interview Process (HEH I love Computer Talk) 

This is the short interview with Marre from Formaldehyde

RoX:  How did Formaldehyde get started?

Marre:  The band got started I was playing in a few punk bands and I have known Wiso since 8th grade.  Well he wanted to do something with me.  So we decided to start putting together some stuff.  We got Cakewalk and recorded some sounds and riffs and then Will got us a gig.  SO we finished up a few songs and did the show at Transylvania. 

RoX:  Who was a major influence in the style of music?

Marre:  Well as far as influences we were listening to a lot of different things when we started getting ideas.  Wu-Tang, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Cypress Hill, Sonic Youth, Soda Stereo Unplugged, Sublime.  But in all reality the music we play cannot be compared to any of those bands.

RoX:  How would you describe the music?

Marre:  Constant sounds over different beats.  The truth is I can't describe it.

RoX:  How many members does the band have?

Marre:  Just 2.

RoX:  How do you want people to view your music?

Marre:  Just listen to it and chill.  Listen to it first then give their opinion over it.

RoX:  Best stuff out right now (not your own)?

Marre:  Fantomas.  And Christina Aguilera cause I want to fuck the shit out of her.

RoX:  Worst stuff out right now (not your own)?

Marre:  Almost everything.  Limp Bizkit, Anything POP.

End Interview Process.  Thanx to Marre for the short interview and getting me this copy of Cow Tippin' Paquito.




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