In Loving Memory of My Father


April 22, 1945, May 20, 2001


This page is dedicated in the memory of my father who always pushed me to be great at anything I attempt.  If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be half the person I am today.  To have a person like him in my life was such a blessing imagine what it is like to have that person as a parent.  I have many regrets about my relationship with him.  But I have better memories than anything else.  It was an honor to have known him.  Pop I Love You and I Miss You.  You have taught me a lot and I am forever grateful.  This page could not possible do my memories of you any justice but I hope everyone can see what you meant to me. 


Carlos Rivera  aka  Lord RoX


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Los Caminos de la Vida - Junior Gonzalez y Ismael Miranda.